From the desk of someone excited to work for you...

"I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him." - Abraham Lincoln

Greetings Friends and Neighbors

For those I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Rich Dujmovic. I have served on the North Oaks City Council and as its Police Liaison for the past two years, and, along with wife, Lisa, and Golden Retriever, Wren, love life on Black Lake Road, where grown sons, Dave and Jake, and new daughter-in-law, Reilly, often come to visit. Outside of City Government, I work for a Medical Device manufacturer, serve on the Board of Directors for the American Heart Association, and am on the Board at StarBase MN, which provides exciting STEM opportunities for underserved youth in the Metro area. Some of my most rewarding work is as Executive Sponsor for the Veterans Employee Resource Group. As a former Air Force Navigator, I have a deep respect for all those who serve others in the Military or otherwise and feel called to give back when they need our support.

For the last several elections, those seeking office in North Oaks most frequently emphasize the priority of Safety and Security… I, too, placed an emphasis on these when I ran for office last election cycle. I also emphasized preserving and advancing the legacy of North Oaks as we enter these final phases of development in the community… respecting the rich natural resources with which we have been blessed, and the way of life embodied in what is unique North Oaks’ living.

This first blog will focus on Safety and Security, but please feel free to contact me at 612-718-3025 if you have any questions or would like to discuss any topic. My role as a City Councilmember is to represent you, and I take many calls from residents seeking to share their thoughts and opinions.

Focusing on what I have done as your Police Liaison….

We were able to change the RAPP FARM Speed Limit – I listened to residents’ concerns and took a tour with Deputy Burrell of the neighborhood. After meeting with the leadership of the Rapp Farm HOA, I championed the effort to reduce the speed, coordinated with the City and NOHOA engineers to analyze collected speed strip data, determined the authority in setting speed limits within North Oaks, and initiated a community meeting with the Rapp Farm HOA. To that meeting, I invited representatives from NOHOA and RCSO to discuss with local residents the speed limit change and signage as well as crime deterrent best practices for the community. I moved for, and the City passed Unanimously, an ordinance reducing the speed limit to 20 MPH.

I also initiated a Community-wide Safety and Security workshop – I coordinated with NOHOA and the RCSO to provide the City an overview of the Contract Cities Policing model, and to provide a forum where citizens could discuss their priorities and perspectives on Policing within North Oaks. All perspectives were welcome and present. Residents shared thoughts in a respectful and open manner, the County discussed best practices for making one’s self, one’s property, and one’s community a hard target for criminals, we discussed the new developments, as well as had representatives from NOHOA speak on their research regarding security camera use.

Based on community interest in Fraud-related reporting I had done at City Council meetings, Mayor Ries and I championed a recorded presentation available for viewing from Deputy Mike Burrell detailing the latest Fraud tactics being utilized so residents would be more informed and less susceptible to these criminal attempts.

I secured portable radar signs for multiple residents in the community who had voiced concerns on local speeding.

I developed a relationship with the Ramsey County Undersheriff, the County Crime Prevention Coordinator, and Acting North Oaks Deputy. I participated in multiple ride alongs, and responded in a timely manner to calls and emails from residents related to safety and security. I represented the perspective of City Residents to the City Council, the North Oaks’ dedicated deputy, and, when appropriate, to the Sheriff’s Office.

Most recently, I engaged with the community to discuss the costs associated with Policing in North Oaks and how we can get the maximum Police presence as a crime deterrent in our community. Over the past 2 years, North Oaks remains the safest community in the Contract Cities construct, with overall calls and crimes against people and crimes against property numerically, and as a percentage, significantly lower than in other communities. My goal is to keep it that way, and not tolerate any level of crime within North Oaks.

Another Council responsibility I took on was the hiring of the New City Engineering Firm, HR Green, which I championed along with Councilman Jim Hara. The Engineers have been superb. Take a look at their execution of a new road off Catbird Lane which they did in collaboration with the North Oaks Company in the new Red Forest Way development. Compared to the road entering the Nord development from Sherwood (completed before their tenure as City engineers), the HR Green engineered road saved numerous ancient Oak trees, the literal heart of our community, preserving that "North Woods" feel while providing an invigorating drive to homes that will belong to our new neighbors. We are blessed to have their creativity and deep expertise advising our city.

I am presently working with these engineers to explore locations where the city could use temporary, removable, modern traffic calming road systems which reduce speed in areas where there has been historical speeding in North Oaks, as well as in intersections where drivers and pedestrians are most likely to encounter each other.

I would appreciate your considering me with your vote November 8th, as I will do my best to continue representing you on the City Council.

I've included a "My Story" tab as well as a resume if you'd like to find out a little more about my background as you decide who can best serve you in city government. There are also a few new notes of endorsement (as well as some from the 2020 campaign- I'm guessing all contributors would still agree with what they said 😂). The link to the White Bear Lake Area League of Women Voters' Forum as well as my Nine North "Candidate Speak Out" video are also attached. The Priorities page elaborates on answers given to the Voter's Guide for the North Oaks News. Thanks for taking the time to check out the site, and please feel free to reach out!

Prepared and Paid for by Rich Dujmovic, 15 Black Lake Road, North Oaks, MN