Notes of Endorsement

I don't believe there is another person in North Oaks who has more knowledge of city government or more integrity than Rich Dujmovic. It actually helps me sleep better not to worry about North Oaks city business, and frees up my time knowing I don't have to study every controversial issue, because I trust Rich is thorough and dedicated to doing what is right for all of us.

-Leanne Savereide, 4 Red Maple Lane


I support Rich Dujmovic for City Council... As a current member of the City Council, he brings relevant information to council discussions and considers resident comments. His decisions are based on city ordinances and the Comprehensive Plan and what is best for our residents.

-Joan Brainard, North Oaks' resident since 1957 and Co-Author of Three Bold Ventures: The History of North Oaks, Minnesota


  • In my professional interaction with Rich Dujmovic, I have always been impressed with his command, his vision and his awareness. He treats all employees with respect and greatness while building a loyal following.

  • Rich has always demonstrated his love of people and their passions. He champions for inclusiveness, camaraderie and excellence in work and family. He builds a legacy that is foundational and principled.

  • Rich Dujmovic provides a balanced perception of community and tradition. He has strong values and believes in doing the right thing for all.

-Bruce Forsyth, Sr. Fellow, R & D, Boston Scientific

As 45-year North Oaks residents and homeowners, we warmly endorse the candidacy of Rich Dujmovic for the City Council. Rich has demonstrated his commitment to the Legacy of North Oaks, and he practices engagement in political discourse with civility. He is very well-informed regarding the issues and agenda the City Council will face in 2021 and beyond. Rich has the range of career and neighborhood experiences that will enrich his service as a member of our City Council. He will have our votes.

-George and Darleen Brushaber, President Emeritus Bethel University (It is with a heavy heart I share that George- who had written this for the 2020 campaign- passed away this year. If you were fortunate enough to attend his memorial service, you would have been inspired by his life of service and his dedication to his Savior. He was a truly remarkable man, and we were blessed to call him friend.)

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Rich Dujmovic for public office in North Oaks. My husband and I had the privilege of being stationed with Rich and his wife, Lisa, in Grand Forks, North Dakota during our assignment at Grand Forks Air Force Base. We were all very close- the active duty deployed quite a bit and for long periods of time, so the families usually huddled in together for comfort and support. Rich was an obvious leader from early on. From helping the spouses with their support programs to leading the Squadron and Wing with event support, Rich always made our flying bases shine. I know many of the young pilots, navigators, and boom operators looked up to him for leadership and advice.

I find Rich to be of the highest ethical standards and having lived in North Dakota during the Red River Flooding of 1997 with him, I know first-hand how he is able to withstand great personal loss while still being able to serve his country and community with grace and dignity. Rich was deployed overseas when Lisa and their toddler son had to evacuate their home for safety. Our entire squadron helped all who were displaced during the flood, including our local civilian neighbors. Upon his return home, Rich and others in the squadron helped our elderly neighbors and we in turn helped the Dujmovic family. It was a time of great sadness for our community as so much of the city flooded.

Over the years, those early lessons learned of how to jump in and help a community through hardship has stuck. Rich has always been a positive voice for proactive change- which is much needed in a world of negativity and blame. This is a great time of hardship for our entire country as we are more polarized than ever before. I have no doubt that Rich will be a voice that will help to bring people together. I can't imagine anyone better to serve on your City Council. Rich will truly be there for the people and will be a builder of solutions for your city.

-Kristy Hamby, Owner/Designated Broker, Windermere West Plains Real Estate Brokerage


If asked to name strong and positive servant leaders observed over time, Rich Dujmovic would top my list. During the last 35 years, I've watched him grow from a teen who worked for my dad in summer construction and kept John Hersey High School's Service Over Self program going while earning accolades ultimately securing an appointment to the Air Force Academy, where he found his stride quickly. Later, as a young officer and then, continuing to grow as an engineer and leader within the booming medical support community, Rich continued to develop and share community-based energy while balancing his life as a husband and father with extraordinary dedication, skill, and heart. Balance in effective leaders who can quell obstacles by listening and collaboratively moving forward for the good of the group(s) is hard to find. Rich Dujmovic is one of those few! North Oaks has his heart... Rich is a leader with the compassion and vision to make a terrific place even better.

-Lori Sampson, Retired Colorado Educational Professional

I first met Rich Dujmovic when he and his family moved into the house next door 19-years ago. We quickly found our paths crossing not just as neighbors, but also as fellow parents involved in school-sponsored events and Little League baseball. We and our families have become close friends, and over the years, Rich and I have worked together on a number of community events.

With both of us having young boys the same age, Rich and I quickly found ourselves committing to coach Little League baseball together. Rich’s calm and pleasant approach, along with his strong commitment to the development of the youth of our community always amazed me. It was not uncommon for Rich to apply the time to sit with and attentively listen to the young boys we were coaching. As the years passed and the players grew older, the only thing that changed would be the subject of the discussions. His approach has built many long-lasting relationships between himself and the boys he coached over the years, and this is evident by the fact that many of these now young men continue to reach out to Rich to share and discuss the developments in their lives.

I know Rich to be dependable, responsible, honest and courteous; and he is an outstanding and active citizen with a great commitment to his community. I would highly recommend Rich Dujmovic for election to the City Council of North Oaks, MN.

-Tedd Elsen, Senior Manager, Promotions Marketing, Target Corporation


We met Rich Dujmovic over 20 years ago when we served together in the same USAF flying squadron. Rich is a devoted family and community man who is a servant-leader. He is calm under pressure, accomplishes any task with excellence and integrity, and shows great interest in other people. I am tempted to move to North Oaks just to have a community leader like Rich! He's the kind of selfless, level-headed leader that America's communities need.

-Cathy Woller, Co-owner, Gentle Breeze Honey and Co-founder, SABA International


...Rich has an amazing ability to absorb a lot of information over a very short period of time and to see the relevance to our community. To serve as a city councilmember requires someone who is a leader, a good listener, someone who commits to working many hours in order to represent his or her community, and someone who can disagree respectfully when necessary. I believe that Rich has all of those characteristics and then some. I have watched Rich over the years raise issues and concerns, clearly articulating his thoughts. He has always had the community’s best interests at heart and he has worked tirelessly to listen to others and to speak up...

Rich’s regulatory work at Boston Scientific has prepared him for working with ordinances. He dives right in and doesn’t give up until he completely understands how something will impact our community, and he can clearly communicate that impact. But he doesn’t always stop there. Oftentimes, he has an alternative approach. He’s not afraid to think outside the box.

Lastly, the community knows Rich and respects him. People listen to him. They know that he cares about North Oaks and the community where they live. I think that Rich would make a great addition to the City Council. There isn’t anybody better.

Katy Ross

(Former City Councilmember and 22-year North Oaks' resident who recently moved to Texas)